Our Story

IWDesign Corp is a family owned company, founded in 2019 by Darren Gooder and Laura Caley. While working full time, Darren’s part-time woodworking hobby grew to the point where it required all of his attention. Through the development of his creative vision for IWDesign, Darren was able to combine his passion for woodworking with his experience in the design and metalworking industry. This led to combining our respective skills and expertise, with a focus on providing comprehensive turnkey services. What we find most fulfilling, is taking on challengingprojects that allow us to leverage our imagination and originality. We take pride in tapping into our unique perspectives and translating them into reality for our clients.

Our Capabilities

  • Design

  • Project Management

  • Welding

  • CNC Plasma Cutting

  • Handle Held Plasma Cutting

  • Cylindrical Rolling

  • Fabrication

  • Woodworking

  • General Construction

  • Installation

  • Cutting

  • Sanding

  • Finishing

  • CNC Routing

  • Glue Press

  • Planing

  • Jointing